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BeiBei Song
Founder and Curator

BeiBei Song has been an associate arbitrator for international business disputes, a corporate banker, a high-tech marketer, a cross-border business development consultant, a media producer, a show host, and an executive educator.  She has run a web publication focusing on health and environmental innovation, spearheaded media campaigns for a premier international sailing race, and managed clinical trial contracts.  


She now surrounds herself with polymaths, who similarly defy classification.  Her fascination with science and technology both led to, and grew as a result of, corporate and entrepreneurial experiences in related industries; and the artist in her has been seeking outlets since teenage years in China, ever more assertive as life went on.  Having gone through the trials and tribulations of personal growth, she now finds nothing more captivating than the beauty, mystery, complexity, vulnerability, and resilience of life on earth, and nothing more gratifying than continuous learning, discovering and creating.  Having observed wealth of all sizes and luxury of all stripes, She has concluded that art and science are the ultimate luxury; the drive to understand and express ourselves both also making the most fundamental differentiation between Man and all other species.


BeiBei Song has an M.B.A. degree from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Economics from International Business & Economics in Beijing.  Her education continues right here on Essinova | Art and Science, which she hopes to share with others who want to think for themselves and live a life of creativity and meaning.