Pasta by Design

Riccioli Al Cinque Sapori


A meeting with George L. Legendre, the man with a mathematical knowledge and intimate understanding of pasta


By Ryan King for FineDiningLovers


If your friend turned to you and said "let's do pasta" you might respond by telling them to boil the water or by asking what sauce to prepare. But when George L. Legendre's friend said "lets do pasta" late one evening - the phrase took on a whole new meaning.


George is an architect and what his Italian friend Marco was offering was a new topic for him to analyze, a new angle for him to apply his mathematical knowledge,  a new way to focus on something less conventional. Not buildings, structural analysis or the perfect maths required to build an arch - but plain and simple pasta.


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George L. Legendre

Foreword by Paola Antonelli

Photograpy by Stefano Grazini 


ISBN 9780500515808

23.00 x 19.00 cm, 208pp, 189 Illustrations, 93 in colour

First published 2011


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